Confidently and calmly cope with any of life’s challenges thrown your way.
Master self-coping strategies and how to make conscious decisions.
Understand and manage the dog owner influence to avoid negative impacts.
Know your dog as an individual and develop an unbreakable bond.
Some people train dogs, I train dog owners!
As dog lovers we want the best for our dogs, which ultimately means the best for us.
It’s all about happy owners, happy dogs and creating a happy partnership.
Want to develop your owner and dog relationship to become a devoted team?
Want to confidently and responsibly manage challenging dog issues?
Want to successfully overcome any of life’s struggles that come your way?
Want to learn the ability to self-coach for positive outcomes and reaching goals?
Want to master the art of self-preservation for retaining your sanity?
Want to join a like minded community of dog lovers aiming to improve their lives?
If you are a pooch parent and can answer yes to any of the above, please hop on board with
The Coaching and Support Services…
How I can help you
Hi, Welcome to The Coaching and Support Services for Dog Owners.
My mission is to help dog owners with dog troubles and other struggles in life.
Having experienced a wide variety of trials and tribulations, challenging encounters with dogs, and in several other aspects of life, I am here to share with you useful information to help get you through each day, self-preservation skills, the art of Self-Coaching for saving your sanity and reaching goals, plus give you and your dog a happy coexistence.
Social media can make life look like an unrealistic dream, but here I look at real life situations and how to move forward to achieving better outcomes.
No matter who you are or where you are from, I aim to bring together a community of dog loving like-minded individuals.
I will never judge, problems can be considered big or small, but problems are problems, they are relevant to you as an individual and will have detrimental effects mentally and physically when not dealt with appropriately.
Providing ongoing qualified and professional support, I will teach you to…
  • Recognise and appreciate how you and your dog can support each other.
  • Develop coping strategies and manage problems.
  • Appreciate and be thankful for the positives.
  • Improve inner strength.
  • Master the art of self-coaching and how to apply the skills to a range of scenarios.
  • Make plans to overcome obstacles and reach goals.
With The Coaching and Support Services you will learn how to get ahead, become and feel more confident, deal with change and achieve your dreams.
Equipped with Self-Coaching skills you will have the know-how to tackle any future difficulties in different scenarios that come your way. You will be able to help yourself through countless challenging worries, such as career and work related stress, family and friend disputes, bereavement, lack of motivation and much more.
My dog is my rock and vice versa.
I support him and he is always there for me.
We get through life together as a team.
Enjoy your relationship with your dog and make it fun for you both
Become instinctively aware of
influencing factors
Why join The Coaching and Support Services
The Coaching and Support Services are here to give premium and realistic help, without the use of technical jargon, making judgement or applying pressure. 
Using the methods that have worked for me and I have passed on to others, I will equip you with the skills to become a confident, motivated and responsible dog owner, plus master the art of Self-Coaching to help you get where you want to be in any way you wish.
Ongoing support will be provided as you continue your journey via a number of guided step by step processes.
You will feel self-assured and be prepared to utilise suitable coping mechanisms according to the circumstances.
With the burden of everyday life pressures, you can often feel alone and lost with no-one to turn to, but with The Coaching and Support Services a friend is there for you.
As a Professional Gold member of the International Pet Professional Network I will only ever operate using kind, ethical and force free standards.
Gain the freedom of Self-Coaching
to achieve your goals
Take control of your life, your future and make conscious decisions
The Coaching and Support Services, encouraging dog owners to see the bigger picture
and think outside the box!
The Coaching and Support Services are thrilled to be working as a Corporate Partner supporting Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare under our Pearl’s Legacy initiative.
10% of all Dog Owner Coaching, Academy and associated product fees will be going to Raystede’s kennels to help the dogs get the happy ever after and forever homes that they really need and deserve.
Additional services…
Do you need 1 to 1 Coaching designed just for you?
Would you like some support for Anticipated Grief or Bereavement?
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With the right attitude small steps can equal big results – you can make it happen

The Coaching and Support Services
If you have any queries or would like to discuss specific aspects further, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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